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   Q1. I wish to open an account with OCS
   A1. Please send in the credit application form. Account number will be advised by phone
         or mail.   

   Q2. Please advise your collection point
   A2. You can bring to any of the OCS office in Singapore and Malaysia.
         Please refer to our list of   OCS Offices

   Q3. Is there any item not included in the courier service?
   A3. Please refer to our Standard Conditions of Carriage for items that are prohibited.  

   Q4. Does OCS carry heavy bulky shipment besides small parcel express?
   A4. Yes, it will be under Parcel Express.

   Q5. Do you handle dangerous good to overseas?
   A5. Yes, Dangerous Goods can only be sent by Cargo Service. 

   Q6. Does OCS collect shipment anywhere in Singapore and Malaysia?
   A6. OCS collects anywhere in Singapore; for Malaysia with the exception of Terengganu
          and Kelantan, OCS will be servicing all major cities. 

   Q7. What is volumetric weight?
   A7. According to IATA regulation, the actual weight of the parcel is defined to be 1 kg
         of the volume of 5000 cm3.  
         Formula = (Length cm X width cm X Height cm) / 5000

   Q8. Do you do delivery to PO Box Address?
   A8. Since it is important to obtain acknowledgement receipt, we in principle do not
         accept delivery to a PO Box as signature cannot be obtained. 

   Q9. Is there any possibility of collecting payment from consignee?
   A9. It is only possible for certain locations.  Please check with our customer service  
         representative for details.

   Q10. What is the compensation limit against loss or delay?
   A10. Compensation limitation is according to our Standard Conditions of Carriage for 
           Singapore and Malaysia.  

   Q11. Do you request certificate of origin and visa beside commercial invoice from

   A11. We provide handling service to process these required documents and a handling
           fee will be levied.

   Q12. Do you handle Address (CNEE) management?
   A12. Depending on your request, please refer to our logistics service.

   Q13. How to fill in the CWB?
   A13. Please refer to our next page.

   Q14. Why do you need attach commercial invoice to the shipment Sample 
   A14. Commercial Invoice is required when exporting your parcel shipment to overseas.
           It is an essential document for customs declaration to the country you send to.
           When processing customs clearance, depending on the amount you declared,
           import tax is levied. In this aspect, you need to attach an invoice even though
           there is no commercial value to the shipment. If you declared only the model
           number of the parts with the word "sample" without a value, the information may
           not be sufficient for the customs to determine and clear the shipment. This may
           result in an inspection and thus the process of Import and Export clearance is delayed.
   Q15. As per the courier rates listed on your website, are the rates applicable to  
           corporate customers as well?

   A15. Yes , if you may have more than 20 trips per month , you can enjoy corporate
           discounts . If you wish to have a corporate discount , Please contact our sales team
           at cs@ocscourier.com.sg or sales@ocscourier.com.sg immedaitely

   Q16. In the event of unsuccessful delivery, the customer service staff will get the
            next delivery address from the shipper

            For the above information, what is the typical procedure? Also, is OCS able to
            return the item to the sender at no cost in the event of unsuccessful delivery?

   A16. For unsuccessful delivery , our tracing side will check back with you for alternate
            address and will redeliver to the mentioned address
            If you request for a return , we can provide this service back to you, to the house

   Q17. Does OCS utilise any electronic web-based system for the tracking of orders?
   A17. Yes, simply key the CWB number to our web , the pod status is available . We also
            provide hard copy proof of delivery , with company stamp or Cnee ID number as

   Q18. Does OCS provide a channel to generate monthly reportsorts?
   A18. Yes, monthly report as per your request is available if you have sufficient volume
            of transaction
   Q19. Are you able to extend a 30-day credit term to corporate customersssmers?
   A19. Yes, credit terms of 30 days is available too

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